• Check in with the coaches first! 7 AM SHARP!! - It is very important to check-in with your coach, since the coach has to attend a "Scratch Session" to eliminate absent swimmers and enter substitute swimmers. There can be no exceptions! If you are late, you will be scratched. If you are a "No Show" at a meet you may be removed from future meets. Events begin at 8:30 AM.
  • Check in with team parents.
  • All swimmers are required to be in the team area.
  • Only meet participants are allowed in the ready area poolside inside the ropes.
  • After an event, swimmers must return to their Team Parent.

NOTE: It is assumed that all team members will be attending each meet. Anyone who knows ahead of time that they will not be attending needs to "sign out" in the vacation book OR indicate on Shutterfly. This allows us advanced notice as to who will not be there.

If there is a sudden emergency that prohibits you from attending PLEASE LET US KNOW!


  • Check-in with your age group Team Parent in the team area as soon as you have checked in with the coaches.
  • All swimmers are required to be in the team area designated for their age group during the entire meet so the Team Parent can get them to their event on time! If there are siblings in different groups, it is imperative that each stay with their age group and that communication is clear.
  • Only swimmers who are swimming a specific event are allowed in the ready area behind the starting blocks.
  • After an event, swimmers return to the team area until their next event.
  • Parents who are not helping as team parents or meet volunteers must stay in the spectator area and off the pool deck.


In order of age group, swimmers will be able to warm up before each meet. Make sure there's plenty to help keep them warm. The wait between events can be long and uncomfortable when you are cold.

  • Home Meet Warm Up: 7:30 AM - 7:55 AM
  • Away Meet Warm Up: 7:55 AM - 8:20 AM
  • After warm ups, all swimmers must return to their team area.


  • Sleeping bag to sit on between events in the team area
  • At least 2 towels per swimmer
  • Sun screen
  • Goggles - You may want to consider having an extra pair available
  • Nutritious snacks for away meets. We have a great snack bar for all home meets.
  • Plenty of water!
  • Sweat shirt and sweat pants.
  • Tote bag big enough to hold above items.