Coaching Philosophy and Goals

The Robalos Swim Team has a proud and colorful history. We as coaches take our job very seriously in our effort to create a positive environment that enables each swimmer to develop their individual skills as a team member.

In this team sport format we promote sportsmanship, camaraderie and the skill-building self-esteem support needed for each swimmer to cultivate respect for themselves and their fellow teammates.

Team coaches are responsible for the development of our swimmers as well as the planning of competitive strategy. This includes the assignment of swimmers at particular practice sessions and the selection of events at swim meets for the individual swimmers.

All swimmers are eligible to be entered in 4 events at swim meets, but coaches will only do so if all swimmers in that age group have been entered in 3 events first.

To enhance the enjoyment of all team members, the Auburn Robalos adheres to a zero tolerance philosophy. Inappropriate behavior is unacceptable and will be dealt with according to a graduated process of discipline.


Head Coach, Kim Vickers

Hello Robalos Families!  I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Kimberly.  I go by Coach Kim, or Kim, and will likely also answer to any calls for “Mom” or “Auntie”.  I come with over a decade of aquatics experiment.  I swam both summer league and USS from the age of 7 through High School graduation, in addition to being a Varsity Swimmer and Water Polo player all four years of High School. I have a beautiful and spunky 3 yr old daughter.  We love to spend time swimming, playing outside, snuggling up with a good movie, and spending time with family. I believe in communication and feedback, and welcome any comments, questions, or concerns.  Please feel free to reach out via our Shutterfly Site or on deck after practice.  Looking forward to a great season!




Assistant Coach, David Jepsen

Assistant Coach, Trent Detmer